Print Brokers. Resellers. Designers. Selling print online has never been so easy!

Web2PrintIT and SinaLite have partnered together to create a COMPLETE online store front solution for print resellers, brokers and designers. Web2PrintIT gives you an extremely easy way to take online print orders, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You'll also have the support of Canada's most reputable and largest online trade printers. With SinaLite integration, you can be at ease knowing that your customers' orders will be professionally printed on time and at a great wholesale price. This service is currently available to Canadian based resellers only.

With Web2PrintIt, you simply select a predefined customizable website theme. You brand it with your very own URL, content and company logo. Choose whichever products you would like to offer and set your own price markup for each product. Your customers will be able to order the product in 3 different ways: 1) By uploading a file, 2) Design artwork online or 3) Choosing from thousands of FREE online design templates.

Once the order is placed, the job information is automatically and directly sent to the SinaLite production system. SinaLite will take care of the billing, printing and blind shipping of the order. Your customer will receive their completed order within a few days; all without your having to lift a finger. Keep track of the progress of your sales through the user-friendly admin panel.

Ordering, Billing, Printing and Shipping in one easy to use solution

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